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Residential Cleaning

At Broke Sisters our goal is to make you smile and say wow after each service ! We strive for perfection and put as much effort and heart into your home as we would with our own homes. We specialize in apartments, town homes, and residential homes . If you would like to set up a regular cleaning schedule you can call us for a free estimate. We try to schedule the same teams to clean your home each time so they learn your preferences , but please keep in mind that sometimes it is not possible. Our cleanings are customizable , you can add or take off what you don’t want cleaned . We do charge a first time fee due to it being a deep cleaning . The first time we always deep clean your home to get it in shape for a regular maintenance cleaning . Some of the duties we do in the houses is cleaning ceiling fans, blinds , window ceils, picture frames , floors , dusting items, bathrooms, and kitchen. For more information please call or request more information . We cant wait to have you join the Broke Sisters family .

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