Welcome To Broke Sisters Cleaning Service 


It all started with two young girls that had no idea what they should do with their life. Fresh out of high school, ready to take on the world but no idea where to start Jackie and Tiffany’s journey began. We grew up with very strict but loving parents that believed in entrepreneurship. Our dad kept instilling in our minds that we should start a business together. We both were very against it and didn’t believe that we would be able to start a business and to be honest it seemed like a lot of work. So we went on with our jobs Tiffany at McDonald's and Jackie as a hostess. One day we got tired of our jobs and our dad telling us “start a business”! So the journey began we put our heads together and realized we were good at cleaning so might as well see where it goes. It wasn’t easy we would pass out flyers at the local market rain or shine. We can still remember all the rejection we got and how many people yelled at us to stop asking them for work . We felt defeated and would sit in the parking lot in our car and cry . Then one day a miracle happened and slowly people started calling and our business started growing. After many years of hard work and dedication , 6 ½ years later now Broke Sisters is a growing successful business with 5 employees and two sisters closer then ever. We defeated all the odds and made an American dream come true . Today we thank our parents for always believing in us and pushing us into something we never could have dreamed possible .

 Jackie And Tiffany

Sisters and business Partners